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Drinks - Asian Ruby Vietnamese Restaurant & Bar

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Drinks menu (Đồ uống)  
COCKTAILS - Asian Ruby $14.0
A refreshing traditional Vietnamese drink, vodka and cranberry based
COCKTAILS - Imperial kiss $14.0
Lychee and elderflower flavors, sublimed by sake in a long drink
COCKTAILS - VN Espresso martini $14.0
Vietnamese mix of an espresso martini and a zombie cocktail
COCKTAILS - Bloody Asian mary $14.0
Homemade tamarillo blend version of a classic bloody mary
COCKTAILS - Maojian $14.0
Moajian tea, white wine, hinted by mango and orange notes
COCKTAILS - Vietnamese nectar $14.0
Whisky lovers, you'll travel from Scotland to Asia with this long drink bringing basil and ginger touches
MOCKTAILS - Apple story $9.0
Yuzu, apple and elderflower
MOCKTAILS - Asia/kiwi $9.0
Kiwi, peach and ginger
MOCKTAILS - Rising sun $9.0
Lychee, cranberry, strawberry
Water - Antipodes still/sparkling - 500ml/1L $6.0 / 10.0
Coffees - Short black/ long black/ americano/ macchiato $3.5
Coffees - Flat white/ cappuccino/ latte/ mochaccino $4.5
Apple $5.0
Orange $5.0
Juices $5.0
Tomato $5.0
Pineapple $5.0
Passionfruit $5.0

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